Promoting TVET Innovation

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HJI TVET Team supports TVET releence enhancement and innovation promotion. We provide consulting services to our clients in school-industry partnerships; regional cooperation;and TVET innovation research.  We supports the school-industry partnerships focusing on creating better linkages to industry for student work experience and/or internships and staff training;greater involvement of industry in the design of multilevel TVET (curriculum, teaching, assessment, standards, certification, etc.) and creating institutional linkages and processes which will be sustainable. We also supports the regional cooperation on TVET to promote the exchange in TVET education and human resources development and to facilitate the employment and economic developement.


Our team provides services to our clients for school-industry partnerships, including to organize for staff, industry visits, job assignments, and training attachments. We support our client to establish enterprise education facility as to enhance school industry partnerships and innovation.

We also help design and implement further outreach training programs for migrant workers and communities and design and implement an entrepreneurship incubation program. Our focus is on developing the employability skills whichare often referred to by employers as being important as technical skills in people seeking and retaining employment.The development of employability skills (e.g. cooperation, team work, proactive behavior, communication, basic literacy and numeracy, etc.) is often not formally taught in institutional learning. In increasingly more sophisticated workplaces, these skills have assumed more importance and we therefore include this as an integral part of the MLT system.