Multilevel TVET Development

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HJI TVET Team is best positioned tosupportour clients for the development of a multilevel TVET(MLT) system, MLT-based curriculum development in the selected priority sectors, and teacher training and professional development.Wesupport our clients in the development of a MLT system that provides curriculum integration through a sequence of learning outcomes linking secondary vocational school, vocational college, and undergraduate levels of TVET. Our services coverthe establishment of a system to support employment information gathering and analysis; the development of a competency-based approach to curriculum, instruction, and assessment that is applied to the selected priority areas; an improved quality assurance system that is based on both education and industry standards in the delivery of relevant training; upgrading of both pre-service teacher training and in-service professional development; support for the development of leadership and management skills through core teacher and leadership training courses; introduction of key MLT concepts and their application to priority areas and instructional delivery. Moreover, the team also supports our clients for arranging domestic and/or international study visits to provide opportunities to observe and participate in MLT best practice examples.


HJI TVET Team provides consulting services to the clients for the development of a competency-based curriculum and competency-based standards in priority areas. The team supports the clients for the development of a competency based approach to curriculum, instruction, and assessment in priority areas and across designated levels, majors and courses.Our specialists also pilot secondary vocational schools, vocational college, and undergraduate priority sectors, majors, and courses with linkages and pathways as established. HJI’s team also provides general training, workshops and seminars in competency-based approach for teaching staff in curriculum, assessment and instruction. In addition we will help our clients develop curriculum in enterprise education (entrepreneurship) and employability skills. Moreover, we will also help review and enhance quality assurance system in curriculum, assessment, and qualifications design and develop teaching and learning resources (i.e.publication, web-based) to support priority majors and courses.