Stormwater Management

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For more than 20 years, HIJ has provided consultancy services in the field ofstormwater&wastewaters management and engineering throughout Asia and the USA. Our experience includes planning, feasibility study and design, as well as project preparation technical assistance and project implementation management in the field.

In recent years, with the fast development of cities, the urbanhydrological characteristics in some cities have been changed, urban waterlogging disaster caused by heavy rainfallincreased significantly. Waterloggingdisasters seriously affect people's lives and local environment, and havecaused huge social and economiclosses. Thus, many resources are needed in the years to come to secure a safe, environmentally friendly and future-orientated stormwater drainage and utilizationsystem.

Stormwater drainage planning:HJI prepares master plans and guidelines for management of stormwater in many cities and towns, and has prepared national guidelines, regional plans and municipal stormwater/sewerage master plans in many Asian countries and the USA. 

Ecological solution: HJI’s experience includesdevelopment of technologies and nationaland local strategies for scientific stormwater management, ecological treatment of domestic wastewater, integrating sustainable urban drainage solutions when planning for new urban areas or renovating existing systems with a view to create a healthy, comfortableenvironment in harmony with the functional and aesthetic services water provides.

Our particular strengths and skills also include:

Drainage planning and feasibility study to review the condition and performance of the existing stormwater drainage systems in all flood-prone areas in big cities and small towns, and provide optimal solution; 

Pre-treatment of stormwater runoff which promotes wetland ecologyand  integrates storm water engineering and management with artificial wetland and site landscaping;

Assessment of stormwater risk and effects of climate changes. Results are presented using three-dimensional models and web solutions.

Providingpractical technologies in optimization designs of urban rainwater utilization facilities, including rainwatercontrol structures of detention and retention ponds in both residential communities and public areas; 

Design of new stormwaterpipe systems, renovation of existing pipes, retention basins, and pumping stations;

Extensive experience and in-depth knowledge in the latest non-digging pipe jacking and pipe pulling construction technology;

Great capacity in all types of technical solutions and means of cooperation, e.g. PPP and other partnering in stormwater engineering and management.