Water Restoration

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HJI’s professional team of wetland biologists, wildlife biologists and soil scientists is uniquely qualified to serve for wetland restoration, whichis critical to maintain wildlife habitat,reestablishes or repairs the hydrology, plants and soils of a former or degraded wetland that has been drained, farmed or otherwise modified, including:

Ø  Wetland restoration projects especially in Northwest, east and north China typically involve grass planting to create upland buffers and core areas around the wetland basin;

Ø  Some floodplain wetland restoration projects involve tree planting, grass filter strips, streambank and lakeshore protection;

Ø  Control invasive species and alien species of plants;

Ø  Provide consultant service on relevant activities such as wetland enhancement, wetland creation and wetland construction;

Ø  Treat agricultural runoff water on the site which has been wetland historically;

Provide special consideration for wildlife habitat, including ducks, gooses, birds,  general habitat or rare &declining habitat.