Green Transport Planning

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Building green transport system is the most in-depth issue HJI considers in green transport planning. HJI has rich experience in person-vehicle-road coordination. Green transport planning contributes to safe and comfort travel with low energy consuming and pollution.

HJI takes full consideration in natural geographical condition and urban land layout to create intensive and large-capacity urban transport system. As for outward transport system, by the support of high-grade highway network, we strive to keep the planning connected with the surrounding freeway corridors, thus less demand on long-distance travel. With extensive projects experience on existing railways, highways, ports, airports and other transport infrastructure, we make the full use on attract effect of traffic resources to strengthen the regional radiation function and reduce the redundant construction. HJI is fully capable on analyzing possible traffic growth and bottlenecks to further developing of transport planning.

HJI team has rich experience in bus planning for corridors, parking layout planning, transportation hub planning, and TOD (Transit-Oriented-Development).