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Environmental Engineer

source: / Time: 2017-11-01 17:22:45

Job Description

1.       Provide consulting services for environmental project, including construction supervision, design review, feasibility study, preparation of technical specifications and BOQ, report preparation, etc;

2.       Support international specialists working in project sites, including data survey and information collection, document translation and explanation, primary technical analysis and recommendations, etc;

3.       Participate in teams to prepare project proposals and technical reviews; and

4.       Prepare project progress reports, EIA, environmental monitoring report, etc. in both English and Chinese.


The job is full-time.  Salary is negotiable.



1.       Master Degree in Environmental Engineering or Chemical Engineering and more than six years work experience in consulting companies or design institutes or research institutes or relevant governmental agencies as an environmental engineer;

2.       Rich knowledge in wastewater treatment, solid waste treatment or air emission control with practical experience in these fields;

3.       Practical experience in technical process design, operation and management, research or design review, preparation of technical specifications and BOQ, or cost review in environmental engineering;

4.       Excellent work ethics and can overcome difficulties with different methods;

5.       Good communication, coordination, and interpersonal skills; and

6.       Proficient in verbal and written English, especially written English.


 If you are interested in this position, please email your resume to HR@hjigroup.com