Infrastructure Planning

Wuhan Wastewater and Stormwater Management Project – ADB Loan


Wuhan has abundant water resources, the water surface area take up one-quarter of the urban built-up area, and main rivers and lakes include the Yangtze, Han and Fu rivers and East Lake and South Lake, etc. The rapid economic growth and continuing urbanization have resulted in inadequate urban infrastructure and placed pressure on overloaded facilities, and also caused great increasing demands for urban services and pressing threat of pollution to the environment.  

HJI was selected as the consultant team to provide assistance and advice on following tasks: (i) Project management and implementation support; (ii) Private sector participation strategy; (iii) Improvements to storm water plan study; (iv) Sludge management strategic plan study; (v) Improvements in operational management; (vi) Financial management support for project implementation.

Also, HJI’s capacity building and training service increased the efficacy and management capacity of two implementation agencies, enabling them to efficiently plan and execute their project, ensuring the overall success of the project.

The estimated total cost of the project is $266.42 million, and it consists of 9 subprojects, divided into four components. It covers capacity building and training for wastewater/stormwater management, main urban area wastewater management subprojects, suburban area wastewater management subprojects, and storm water subprojects.