Infrastructure Planning

Ulaanbaatar Service Improvement Project II -WB (Mongolia Environment Project)

Sustainable water supply is a vitally important component of society. This project sought to improve water supply to the urban poor in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. The project was comprised of four components, which included supplying water to ger areas, strengthening the water network system, improving energy efficiency, and institutional development and project management to support overall project implementation and development.

In order to achieve the project’s components and ensure international best practices, HJI Group provided consulting services to support and strengthen institutional development of the Water supply and Sewage Authority of Ulaanbaatar (USUG), and assisting the PMU with overall project management. The team helped plan and implement a system that monitored and evaluated the project. HJI assisted with capacity building and institutional development, which improved the overall project general management and administration of USUG.